Toward Democratic Eco-Socialism

August 9, 2016

This video short highlights some of the key ways in which scholar-activist Hans Baer reconceptualizes socialism in his piece, Toward Democratic Eco-Socialism as the Next World System, featured in our series New Systems: Possibilities and Proposals. He argues:

“Social systems, whether they exist at the local, regional, or global levels, do not last forever. Capitalism, as a globalizing political economic system committed to profit making and continual economic growth, has created a treadmill of production and consumption that is heavily dependent upon fossil fuels and has resulted in greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change.”

Baer’s idea for a Democratic Eco-Socialism addresses the extraction, exploitation, and extreme inequality brought about by our current system, and lays out an argument for a global socialism system that manifests at the regional and local levels. Read the full essay here.